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From Notation to Computer Generated 3D Animation

The goal of this research and development project (2006 - 2008) was to produce a software, which is capable to visualize and simulate the geometric and spatial concepts of a notation system. It was supposed to translate the symbolic content of the notation to the visualized movement in the animation.

animation2 Dancer

The envisioned software was supposed to extract movement content from a notation score, and transfer the translated content to an animation module. The translation software was based on the existing EW Notator editor for Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation.

In 2006 Henner Drewes was granted the Tanzwissenschaftspreis NRW for the proposal of this project. The preliminary software implementation was integrated into the follow-up project Visualizing (the Derra de Moroda) Dance Archives (since 2008).