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Dance and Technology

The recent use of New Media and digital representation techniques in the performing arts of dance and the possible influence of movement notation is demonstrated in this course. The fundamental background of some technological approaches will be explained to show their range of possibilities as well as their limits. The thorough knowledge of technical and artistic procedures enables a deeper understanding of movement and dance as well as their performance, representation and reception in traditional, notational and medial communication channels.


  • Overview on various methods of movement representation (Video, computer animation and movement notation) and their abilities to transform and communicate the phenomena of movement
  • Computer animation of movement and dance: motion capturing and key frame animation.
  • Example of a popular key frame animation software used in choreographic context: DanceForms (former LifeForms).
  • Computerized processing of movement notation: EW Notator (EWMN) and LabanWriter, Calaban (Kinetography Laban / Labanotation)
  • Use of media and technology by contemporary choreographers
  • Outlook: Possible future developments in computerization of movement notation and animation.

This course has been taught a.o. at the School for the Arts of Dance (Kibbutzim College of Education, Tel Aviv), at the Hochschule f├╝r Musik (Cologne) and at the IDA (Anton-Bruckner Privatuniversit├Ąt, Linz, Austria).